Rating: 4.5

A unique YA fantasy

I enjoyed this book. The premise is different from anything I’ve read. The MCs were both likable straight away and I could feel the connection between them. Aylen is easy to sympathize with, and I couldn’t help but root for here. As it’s only in her POV, the chosen one trope was easily identified early on, but that in no way made it predictable. The world building is so unique that the story held my intrigue the entire way.

As a note, the book does need editing.

Being trapped on an island where you’re nothing like the natives is one thing. But living with parents who control your life is another. Aylen knows her family has secrets, but what about their past is so terrible that they can’t share it with her? Finally given permission to attend an island festival, Aylen gets more than she bargained for when she sees her best friend Sai kissing the chief’s daughter. Upset, she flees to the beach where she finds an incredible stone.

But Sea Gems are just legends, aren’t they?

As secrets unravel, Aylen discovers her heritage and learns she’s destined to be far more than the island outcast.