Brooke J Losee

Author of Clean Romance

The Time Pearls Series

A few tiny pearls can cause a great deal of mischief.

Cursed with the ability to traverse time, a pearl necklace alters the lives of all those who inherit it. But perhaps a bit of time magic is less than a curse and more the workings of fate, if only they can be kept out of the wrong hands.

A mix of modern and historical for those who enjoy Regency and contemporary romance.

Book 1: In Time With The Duke

NEVER wear cursed pearls.

With the expectation to take over as CEO of the family business looming over her, Magdalena McCarthy wants nothing more than to escape a life of board meetings and late nights at the office. When her pearl heirloom grants her wish by transporting her two hundred years into the past and is then stolen by a bunch of British punks, her future looks more uncertain than ever. Now she’s stuck in 1815, and her only chance of finding the heirloom and going home rests with her handsome rescuer.

Luke Halford, Duke of Avendesh, avoids social gatherings like any man committed to eternal bachelorhood. But after saving a peculiar young lady from a band of highwaymen, his notions on marriage are quickly upended. Miss McCarthy’s odd phrases and lack of social etiquette disarm him, and the more time he spends with the American lady, the more his walls crumble.

As Maggie begins to accept life in the past, the opportunity to reclaim the necklace leaves her with an impossible choice, one ripped from her grasp when gossip threatens her reputation. After confessing the truth, she’s certain her return to the future was for the best, but Luke isn’t ready to lose the woman who stole his heart, and the same pearl necklace that brought them together soon places them both in the hands of a madman and the future in jeopardy.

Book 2: The Future With The Marquess

Miss Katherine Garrick has completely stolen Nicholas Betham’s heart. Due to her mother’s disdain and his reputation as a rake, a title imposed upon him by the ton, obtaining permission for courtship has proven impossible. When the banns announce her engagement to another man, Nicholas is determined to let her go. His foolish heart, however, is not so easily convinced.

Having accepted a proposal from a man of title, Katherine Garrick has secured a life of comfort and prestige.The success means little, though, when she longs for acceptance and a world where women may study whatever they wish. With her freedom dwindling, she has one last chance to experience a future she should know nothing about.

Desperate to escape the expectations of her mother and Society, Katherine searches for a set of time traveling pearls. They send her and an unsuspecting Nicholas two hundred years into the future, but with a secret organization hunting the cursed heirloom, danger lurks in every era, and Katherine and Nicholas discover their futures may lie with each other, only if they survive.

*Content Warning: Kisses only. Mild violence. Mentions of depression and suicide

Book 3: Courting A Modern Lady

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