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Author of Clean Fantasy and Historical Romance


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ARC Team


Do you enjoy reviewing books? Do you want free e-copies of MY books? Then look no further! I’m currently building an ARC team to help get the word out about my stories. Simply fill out the form below to apply.

What’s required for my team members?

I don’t ask much. Reviews are essential for the success of a book, and I need readers who are willing to post their honest opinions about my stories. It doesn’t have to be long-winded or perfectly elegant! By signing up, you’ll be added to an email list that will notify you when I have ARCs available. That’s it. A few emails a year. Signing up does NOT mean you have to accept every ARC, only the ones that interest you. I only ask that, for those you do accept, you leave a review on your chosen platform(s)–Goodreads, Facebook, Instagram, Bookbub, Amazon, etc.

Sign Up Here

*Note: Not every applicant will be accepted.

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