Children of Magic Series

Children of Magic is a series set in the land of Virgamor, a medieval-age world. A mystical scepter called the Virgám has granted three people with the ability to use magic, and now those powers have passed on to their children. This series follows their stories, and each book is told from one of their perspectives. Join Eramus, Feya, Zeeran, and Ladisias as they discover their powers and face the darkness threatening to consume Virgamor.

Book 1: Blood & Magic

Magic comes with a heavy price—being marked a traitor.

Eramus has kept his power a secret for over a decade, but that changes when Evree’s life is in danger. Now everyone knows about his gift, and his fellow villagers aren’t the only ones watching him.

As Eramus unravels the mysteries of his past, he discovers his connection to a dark sorcerer. A mysterious stranger offers to train him, but trusting the man may be a mistake. Soon, Evree and the entire village are threatened by those with powerful abilities and by a king bent on revenge.

Can Eramus save himself and the people he loves in a battle of blood and magic, or will their lives be the ultimate price?

Book 2: Love & Magic

Book 3: Revenge & Magic

Book 4: War & Magic

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