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Release Date: April 27th, 2023

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Three wishes. A lot of trouble…


After a four month trial period as an intern, I’m determined to get a position at the top analytics company in New York. All I have to do is knock this final report out of the park. It’s all going well until my drool worthy coworker asks me out.

On my first date.


Somehow my natural aptitude in the art of awkwardness has failed to repel him. My focus has gone down the toilet, and I’m succumbing to his charms.

S.O.S. I’m sinking fast.

When did my dreams shift from becoming a senior analyst to kissing this guy?


Making bets with coworkers is a bad idea. Losing them is an even worse one.

Now I have to grant the wishes of an office intern like some kind of genie. It doesn’t help that I’ve been attracted to her for months or that this wager has me breaking my don’t-date-coworkers policy.

As an acquisitions team member, it’s my job to win over new clients. Now all I can focus on is winning her, even if she likes pineapple on her pizza.

But I can handle this. It’s only three wishes. What could possibly go wrong?

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