Origins of Virgàm

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The Great Sorcerer desires power and will destroy everything to get it.

Zynnera is crucial to his plan, and he haunts her dreams. His dark presence forces her mind into visions of the past, where she learns who the man in the black cloak truly is. His history is key to understanding his crusade of destruction and the darkness he desires to unleash. Zynnera discovers magic is more complicated than she ever realized.

Visions provide understanding of the origin of magic, but are they worth the risk? As Zynnera’s glimpses into the past begin to take an obvious toll, Anaros is determined to keep her mind safe. His efforts strain their relationship as both refuse to concede. To make matters worst, threats from neighboring kingdoms present unforeseen challenges as distrust in those who wield magic continues to rise.

Through visions, the past and present collide, but will the details they provide be enough to save the future?

The Prisoner of Magic

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To many, the idea of immortality was a great gift. Those who yearned for power often craved the possibility of an eternal life, where they could celebrate their victories and rule without end. But I wasn’t one of those people. My immortality was a curse, one given to me by an evil witch who’d taken away everything I ever cared about. There seemed no hope she could be defeated and I feared my people would suffer endlessly under her rule.

These marble walls aren’t what make me a prisoner. I am a prisoner of magic.

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