The Seer of Verascene

Available January 24, 2022

An ancient prophecy holds the key to the future.

The Great Sorcerer haunts Zynnera’s mind. Understanding her destiny is the only way to stop him. 

A visit from a ghostly friend prompts Anaros and Zynnera to travel to Verascene. But getting to the island proves difficult when no sailor wants to face the treacherous waters that surround it. An old acquaintance agrees to assist them, but Zynnera isn’t certain Selvenor’s former general can be trusted.

After a terrifying encounter with the people of Verascene, the age-old prophecy is revealed. Zynnera trains to develop her powers as an Elementalist and faces the followers of Morzaun to stop their threat against the island city.

With new information about their destinies, Zynnera and Anaros prepare to face the darkness. Will they make it home to Selvenor safely or will betrayal put an end to their lives?

Blood & Magic

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Magic comes with a heavy price—being marked a traitor.

Eramus has kept his power a secret for over a decade, but that changes when Evree’s life is in danger. Now everyone knows about his gift, and his fellow villagers aren’t the only ones watching him.

As Eramus unravels the mysteries of his past, he discovers his connection to a dark sorcerer. A mysterious stranger offers to train him, but trusting the man may be a mistake. Soon, Evree and the entire village are threatened by those with powerful abilities and by a king bent on revenge.

Can Eramus save himself and the people he loves in a battle of blood and magic, or will their lives be the ultimate price?

The Matchmaker Prince

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Being a Prince comes with expectations…

Anaros must chose a lady to court or his father will choose one for him. A trip to a neighboring kingdom presents the perfect opportunity for finding a wife. However, Anaros spends his time helping a friend discover happiness rather than fulfilling his duties. Playing matchmaker is easy, but avoiding unwanted flirtations proves difficult, especially when a title such as his is up for grabs.

As the trip nears an end, choosing a woman to court appears bleak. Can unexpected conversations restore a prince’s hope for finding love, or will an arranged marriage be Anaros’s fate?

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