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The jungle holds many secrets.

Zynnera finally has the tools she needs to go after The Irrilam, but the sorcerer, Morzaun, also has his eye on the dark spellbook and knows it’s his only chance to reclaim his magic. Torn between leaving the book in its hiding place or destroying it, Zynnera focuses on life at the palace rather than making a decision. But when Morzaun threatens her betrothed’s life, seeking The Irrilám becomes her only choice.

Zynnera and Anaros soon discover that deciphering the book’s location is only the first of their obstacles, as it is guarded by more than just magic. Meanwhile, Morzaun’s followers are hot on their trail and ready to fight for the one thing that will ensure their rise to power.When their pursuit of The Irrilam turns perilous, Anaros and Zynnera must decide whether to risk their lives to keep the book of spells from Morzaun’s grasp or allow the entire land of Virgamor to fall into darkness.

Chronicles of Virgám Series:

Children of Magic Series:

The Time Pearls:

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