This series continues to be fantastic. Rosie is a master at creating page turning stories that leave you on the edge of your seat and incapable of putting them down!

Rowan McQuaid can finally do something normal—like go to a job interview.

Meeting with her potential boss should have been simple, but protests and unrest quickly throw Rowen back into chaos and trouble. After being attacked and then arrested by NEXUS, Rowan and her vampire boyfriend, Nate, set off to find a coven who have supposed vampire immunity.

The discovery holds potential for countering the serum created from Rowan’s blood—one cable of controlling vampires. But Driscoll, the head of magical law enforcement and the man responsible for creating the serum, has secrets of his own and will stop at nothing to set his mark on history.

Facing new challenges from both family and foes, Rowan places herself between Driscoll and his plans, but her efforts may not be enough to save the vampires she come to care about.