Wow wow wow….

I’ve been anticipating this book for FOREVER and it did not disappoint. Sir Andrew and Lady Josephine are such a perfect match. I love their banter, but they also share a connection that leaps off the page immediately. I adored both of the MCs. Josie was so relatable and Andrew’s internal struggle presented perfectly…and, well, just completely adorable. I loved watching (reading? both since I saw it all in my head) them figure out their relationship had turned into something more than combatants. Another thing I love about Sally’s books is that I always learn something. I love that she weaved in some history that made me want to learn more about Corn Laws and the demonstrations happening at that time.

Wonderful job, as always, Sally!

Lady Josephine has a secret talent, but its brought her some disappointing news. With her dearest friend newly married to a count, she has no one in whom to confide her troubles. Sir Andrew has been treated like family by the ducal family for years and thinks of the children like brothers and sisters—all except Lady Josephine. Once nothing more than his sparring partner in a constant battle of wits, he can’t help but notice how much Josie has grown up and changed.

Amidst the tides of political unrest and handsome new suitors, they discover their relationship may be more than what either of them assumed.