A fantastic retelling

Elya is a horrible and wicked girl…or so her stepmother declares.

Working as a scullery maid in a noble household has its perks—food, shelter, and a warm place to sleep even if it does mean Elya is often covered in ash. She is grateful—truly—that Lady Mother took her in despite her father’s indiscretions. So long as she obeys, the beatings are few, and life is…well, as good as she should expect.

Except her wretched book fairy has gone and filled her mind with questions. And maybe, just maybe, he’s right. Maybe she doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. Now her book fairy has asked her to attend the Royal Ball. The Prince even invited all the scullery maids who are daughters of nobles. Her book fairy must have had something to do with that.

Come with Elya on her journey to find herself and the magic that has remained dormant inside her all along.

This was such a great retelling! I really enjoyed the twists on this classic story. Jacque gives the characters so much depth and really dives into the emotional aspects that make Cinderella the person she is. I loved that she doesn’t meet Charming for the first time at the ball and that their love grows through letters. Even better, the story doesn’t end with Charming rescuing her, instead Elya finds the strength to rescue herself. Beautifully written. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys retellings.