Dorothea Northcott has spent the last few months working in various positions in order to hide from her chaperones for the upcoming Season. She manages quite well until Benedict Bradwell happens upon her in the garden, and not even a face covered in flour can hide her identity from the loathsome flirt.

After months of searching, Benedict Bradwell has finally located his mother’s goddaughter. Now if he can just get her home without adding scandal to both their names…and without losing more than his patience to the beautiful woman…who happens to be dressed as a man at present.

The return trip puts both their hearts to the test, and in the weeks that follow, Ben turns from enemy to friend. But Thea has no desire to lose her heart to the man a second time, nor to any gentleman of the ton, and she refuses to tear down her walls…at least not willingly. Undeterred, Benedict’s determination may break her fortress completely.

Such a sweet book! I was really looking forward to Ben and Thea’s story, and as always, Kasey delivers. I loved this frenemies to lovers tale. I could sense their connection the moment the two of them reunited. Their banter on the trip home was SO fun and adorable, but I really enjoyed the continued tension between them as they fell more and more in love with each other. Thea brings a lot of past trauma to the table, and her mistrust of the flirtatious Benedict is understandable. But never fear, Ben eventually realizes his flaws, and so does Thea, giving them both well rounded growth. Kasey always does a fantastic job of making both POVs believable, and this book is no exception. Highly recommend!