Under her father’s iron thumb, Rebecca Devon has been arranged to marry a mysterious viscount whom society knows little about. Hoping to learn more about her betrothed before they wed, Rebecca asks her cousin Virginia to extend him an invitation to their summer house party.

Christian Hundley has asked his grandfather to find him a bride. With scars that leave him less than desirable, Christian is determined to keep his heart protected from the devastating effects of love. But when attending a house party to squash the rumors of the ton becomes necessary, he’s surprised to learn Miss Devon is nothing like he expected.

Despite the circumstances that brought them together, Rebecca and Christian slowly break through each other’s walls, and friendship blossoms into something more.

This STORY. What an amazing emotional ride! I loved this book. This entire series is fabulous, but the emotional depth of this one just blew me away. I couldn’t help but root for the MCs to work out their differences. Christian begins so standoffish, and I loved watching him open his heart. Rebecca’s determination was inspiring, and I loved her declaration that she intended to fall in love with Christian and how uncomfortable it made him. Once again, Sally presents her characters in such a realistic way. Their struggles are real and relatable. My heart ached, I cried, I laughed…I felt it all. So good. Read it. You MUST