When Diana Donovan’s friend Lucy is denied her desire to court a gentleman by her controlling guardian, Diana determines to use her years living aboard a naval ship to her advantage. She’s studied strategy and is confident she can change the old man’s disdain for Lucy’s young suitor.

Except, Lucy’s guardian isn’t the old man she’s expecting. Marmaduke Russel is young, unmarried, and easily matches her wit and maneuvers with his own.

As the battle ensues, one thing becomes clear. Lucy’s heart may not be the only one on the line.

I absolutely ADORED this book. Diana was such a fun character, and I loved watching her grow. I really felt drawn to her and the hardships she’d face in regards to romance in the past. And Duke? Oh yes. He’s a keeper. Their banter was fantastic, and I thoroughly enjoyed their battles of wit. The dinner scene was HILARIOUS and when Diana finally lets lose and drops her curses…LOL. I won’t say anything more. You should read it and find out for yourself.