Virginia Macon mourns her late husband, but her ability to properly grieve is impeded by her brother-in-law’s attempts to claim custody of her two sons and mark his influence on the barony. Virginia is left with two options: move to the Americas, thus escaping the man’s reach, or remarry a peer with enough power and influence to protect her and the children.

Lucas Calvart, Earl of Annesbury, lost his wife many years ago and has filled his time with helping others. After learning of the Baroness of Heatherton’s predicament, Lucas offers himself as her rescuer.

Their marriage born of convenience takes a turn as both offer the other comfort and healing. Time crumbles the walls of grief, but can the heart love deeply more than once in a lifetime?

What an absolutely beautiful second chance story! I found myself rooting for Lucas and Virginia from the very start. The MCs were both wonderful and likable. The writing held so much depth, and I loved that it wasn’t this perfect relationship from the start. The MCs had to work to understand each other. Mistakes were made, but they grew in such a realistic way. Highly recommend this story!