George Clavering considers himself far too young for marriage. Spending time with his friends, who feel the same about shackles, provides him with plenty of entertainment. At least, they did until he meets a young woman at the opening ball for the Season. George prides himself in being a gentleman, but making a wager with witty Lady Alice St Claire is too good to pass up, and he soon finds himself enjoying the sport of matchmaking far more than he should.

Alice St Claire is the daughter of a duke AND happens to have enough wealth to her name that marriage is completely unnecessary. And she will avoid the boors of the ballroom, for what sensible lady of means needs a man to dictate her life and money? Not her, and despite the fact that George Clavering is handsome with his dark hair and charming smile, she will not be dragged into the marriage mart. A little sport in matchmaking, however, is perfectly acceptable and all the more rewarding when George bets against her. Hah! Victory will be sweet.

As their wager continues to bring them together, both Alice and George discover that simply winning may not be what either of them truly wants. Perhaps one bet will upturn their notions on marriage altogether.

Such a great book. I really loved Alice and George. Their banter was so fun and adorable. Their wager sparks the first interest and the build up of their relationship as they try to navigate their feelings, which happen to be completely opposite of what they believed they wanted, is a fantastic journey. You can’t help but root for them the entire way. George is absolutely charming, and Alice is a woman with perfect determination.