Let the games to determine the next chief of Moraigh begin!

As daughter of the chief, Marion has little say in whom she marries. One thing is certain, though: she’s NOT marrying her cousin Simon, and if that means sabotaging his victories in the games, so be it. But when her well-orchestrated plans hinder Cormac McEwen instead, she’s feels more than just guilty given her growing attraction to the man.

Cormac McEwen never expected to be a contender for the next clan chief when he is called to Moraigh. After meeting the woman who is also a prize of the competition, he’s willing to consider the position. Problem is that same woman has unintentionally strangled his chances. That’s the least of his troubles, though, as someone at Moraigh wants him out of the competition in a more permanent way.

Facing political unrest and enemies within their own clan, Marion and Cormac must fight for their love and their lives.

OKAY. Book 1 was fabulous, but THIS book…EVEN BETTER. I love Cormac! He is so charming and is perfect for Marion. These two MCs were wonderful in their own rite, but add in the historical elements and the myths and its all super fantastic. I feel like I’m learning a bit of history every time I read a book from this series, and I love that I can get that WHILE I enjoy some romantic Scottish accents (which by the way, Kasey does an AMAZING job with. Just the right amount to keep that accent keeps going in your head without overwhelming you with, “HUH?”) I’m only just starting to read Scottish romances, but thus far, this one takes position numero uno. I CANNOT wait for book 3. So excited for Mile’s and Ealann’s story!!