Captain Casper Graysmark is in search of treasure, but not to fill his own coffers. Determined to help the French who were left destitute by the war, the English Lord sets off in search of the stolen gold he knows will save many lives. But it’s winter in France, and the weather refuses to make his goals easy to achieve. Casper is relieved when he stumbles across a cottage hidden deep in the woods and is offered shelter from harsh storm. Perhaps these woods hide more than just one treasure.

Ever since her father’s actions led to her family’s banishment from England, Scarlet has struggled to find her place. Living in the woods of France with her sister and grandmother is difficult, and as her grandmother’s health begins to decline, Scarlet fears for her future. A guest, who happens to be an Englishman, does nothing to help her nerves…at least, not at first.

With winter settling in, will Scarlet allow Casper to rescue more than hidden treasure?

Such a sweet story. I loved this short read and the way Sally captured so much emotion so quickly. It’s one of those retellings where you can sit back and just sigh at the warm fuzzies.