A sweet baby, a frustrating labyrinth, and an all-to-handsome goblin king…

Floss wants nothing more than to go to law school and become an advocate. Problem is woman have never been allowed to take the entrance examine, nor do a lot of things that men do. Well, she’s not about to let them dictate her life. She and her friends are determined to change the system so long as no law breaking is involved.

Unwilling to give up on her dream, Floss visits the school to plead her case where a young man named Asterion assists her. But she doesn’t need the man’s help with this or anything else, for that matter…at least, not until her niece is kidnapped by goblins.

Asterion, who naturally happens to be the Goblin King, is her only chance of getting her niece back, but by asking for the king’s help, Floss has unwittingly invoked an ancient magical law. She has two options: traverse the entire labyrinth of the Unerground or marry the handsome king of the goblins.

And no way is she getting married. EVER.

This book…THIS BOOK is an absolute masterpiece. Fantastic world building of a classic tale. I loved the spin Vere put on this story. So much wit and humor. Characters with believable flaws and growth. And a clean romance that hits all the feels. If you love the movie, The Labyrinth, you’ll adore this book. Asterion may give Jareth a run for his money and he can have it all 😂.