Joanna Carmichael has no use for romance. Marrying Sir Leonard is completely sensible, and she won’t miss out anything by not seeking a love match. But that all changes when their coach is waylaid on its way to Bath by the mysterious highwayman known as the Paladin.

Reggie Sinclair is a mail carrier by day, but his nightly escapades include stealing from those who have more wealth than they know what to do with. Meeting Miss Carmichael, however, changes his criminal activity into a game he’s not ready for—one involving the heart.

After meeting Joanna at her home in Bath, Reggie struggles with not only his growing feelings, but also with keeping his identities separate. His heart wants more than his station will allow, and Joanna begins to alter his view on the nobility. Will their connection be enough, or will everything fall apart when the truth is revealed?


This is easily one of my all time favorite Regency Romances ever!!! The MCs were absolutely fantastic and their connection so tangible. I loved watching Reggie dance around revealing his identity and Joanna work so hard to figure out who the Paladin was. Their banter was so fun and engaging and the kisses…THE KISSES…someone catch me while I swoon. Truly beautiful to watch these characters grow and to feel their emotions with them.

Also, I loved learning about the postal system in that era! Super fascinating!

Fantastic. Amazing. Well written. Can’t recommend this book enough.