Nora is cursed.

Wish-granting may sound like a fun ability, but when your powers grant the desires of others in the most undesirable and inconvenient way, there’s bound to be issues. But that isn’t even the worst of it. Every wish granted gets Nora closer to the one hundredth mark, and reaching that means no more wishing for anybody.

After searching for years for a cure, Nora finally has a lead—albeit a ridiculous one. Following it thrusts her into a world of magic she didn’t know existed, and with the help of a handsome stranger, the answers she seeks are finally brought to light.

LOVED this story! Nora is so easily likeable and it’s easy to sympathize with her right from the beginning. The world building is fantastic, fresh, and beautifully written. And can we just talk about Rafe? Handsome, broody man—yes, please! I loved their connection and the slow turn from “we might be enemies” to “I kinda want to just kiss you” XD Looking forward to the next book in the series!