An exciting sequel to a fun adventure!

Zed and Tuesday are off on another adventure, and I’m so happy I was privileged with joining them. Living in an alternative dimension (or whatever Falinnheim is) means a life different from everything Zed and Tuesday know. From Dodos to their dad’s umbrella-shaped shifting weapon, there’s much to discover at the base of the Resistance.

When a field trip goes awry, leaving their class and several adults secluded from the rest of the base, Zed and Tuesday want nothing more than to help find out what happened. They’re quickly reminded of their status as children, making the entire situation even more frustrating.

But being invisible isn’t always a bad thing, and soon, the duo get their chance at standing up to not only the Red Hand, but Falinnheim’s dictator, Tyrren.

I loved this story just as much as the first (maybe even more since I have a special connection with the characters now). Allen does a fantastic job at reminding the reader of everything that happened in book 1 (Relatively Normal Secrets), and I felt like I immediately reconnected with Zed and Tuesday. Their distinct personalities leap off the page. The witty dialogue made me smile and laugh. The overall plot kept me intrigued the entire way.

Looking forward to Zed and Tuesday’s next adventure.