I worked in a few great reads for September!

This one was so charming and funny! I really enjoy regency romances where the characters societal ranks do not align AND this one has an arranged marriage. You’ll never think of a peacock the same way again, either. But you’ll have to read it to find out why. 😉

Elaine inherits everything Adam thought his late uncle would leave to him. Now he’s stuck teaching her the ways of high society. His heart might be the one learning a lesson.

By far my favorite last month! Sally always does such a wonderful job bringing life into a story with characters without English backgrounds. Count Atella is naive to the ways of courtship, but luckily he has help for winning the Duke’s daughter’s heart. Why is it then, that it is her companion, Emma, that has stolen his attention?

Drop your favorite reads in the comments! It’s snuggle up and read weather here in Utah (and I am admittedly happy about THAT part of fall/winter)