So, I’ve decided to post about my reads each month. I love telling others about books I’ve enjoyed, and I hope you will find some fun reads for yourself from these blog posts going forward. As an author, I know how much work it takes to write a book. Until you’ve done it, you can’t understand how much goes into the process (continually, I might add). It is for this reason that I never leave bad reviews on books. If I find that I don’t enjoy someone’s story, I just skip reviewing and move on. BUT, I’m always happy to share the adventures I adore and the love stories I can’t put down (because lets be honest, 99% of what I read is romance).

Without further ado, I present a few books I enjoyed in August!

Regency romance is my jam. I could read it all day, everyday, honestly. Esther Hatch has quickly become one of my absolute favorites, and this hilarious story did not disappoint!

She bought his manor, the one thing he never wanted to sell. The only way to get it back…well, that might just be harder than he thinks.

There’s nothing like a good paranormal romance with butt kicking action, and Rosie delivers both. This is the sequel to Valkyrie Cursed and the continuation of the story was phenomenal. Oh, and nothing beats a plot twist you don’t see coming!

How do you stop a bunch of rogue vampires after you accidentally release them? Good question. Especially when they’re out for YOUR blood. (Also, there’s a rather dashing vampire that makes Edward Cullen look like a ninny 😉 )

I don’t tend to read middle grade fiction often, but this one is worth the time. I loved the creativity in the world Allen created and the characters are both fun and engaging!

Secret codes written in nursery rhymes, a new world to explore, and bad guys chasing you makes for an interesting day. Oh, and the dog is acting a little strange. Normal is relative anyway.

Did you have some fun reads this month? Share them with me! Until next month, happy reading, my friends.