Halfway there! 2021 is half over and it’s been an amazing adventure so far. I’ve learned so much this last month, and though it was not always easy, I’m a better writer today than yesterday. As I approach the one year mark of my writing “career,” I have so much to look back on. I’ve come a long way, and I’m proud of how much I’ve grown.

If someone had told me a year ago I would have three books published, I would have thought them crazy. When I picked up my pencil to write for the first time in years last July, I wasn’t planning to put my words out into the world. That one story has launched me into a universe of my own creating, and I’ve enjoyed the characters and world I’ve been able to create.

My word count slowed considerably in June. I gave myself time to slow down, and began exploring the realm of beta reading. I knew nothing about this before (wish I had), and I now understand how helpful it is. Critiquing for someone else and having your own worked critiqued are both invaluable parts of the writing process. I’ve met so many wonderful people and improved my craft by learning from others.

This is not say it was all rainbows and butterflies—not in the slightest. At the beginning of June, I took on several betas for my completed manuscript, A Wife for Prince Sylas. The reviews came back very mixed. It was difficult to take at first, having something I’d put so much effort into being ripped apart, but after a few days of moping, I realized one important thing—the betas were right! I began working the rewrite and feel the story, though different than my original, is coming together better than before. Taking harsh criticism is never easy, but we must always pick ourselves up and keep fighting.

So, I began the new concept, pulling in some of the old manuscript and essentially elevating it into something better. BUT THEN…that work was put on hold. Amazon announced the arrival of its new Kindle Vella program. I’d been toying with idea of putting something together for it, believing I had until early fall to get it ready… But NOOOO, Amazon has to make my life a pain. But its all good. I’ve spent the last two weeks prepping the first few episodes of the project (yes, episodes. Vella is a serial type deal) and they are going well. I don’t know how Vella will turn out, but I’ve enjoyed putting the story together. More details to come soon! (Vella is supposed to launch mid-late July)

Book 3, Origins of Virgam, launches tomorrow, July 7th!! Whoohoo! I’m excited to get this one out there as it was one of my favorite and most challenging to write. Origins weaves in the backstory of the legendary Virgam as Zynnera searches for a way to stop the dark sorcerer’s plan from coming to pass. Just who is the man in the black cloak? Find out as the past and present collide.

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To all of those who have followed me on this journey thus far, I thank you. It’s been an amazing year, and I’m looking forward to the next!