Today I wanted to take a moment to give the spotlight to my illustrator. I might be a little biased, but I think he is the best and most amazing illustrator in the world. Yes, he is also my husband. I have been truly blessed to have him by my side through all of this. He has been so supportive, and taking this adventure with him has been one of my favorite parts of the experience. We’ve both grown so much since this whole thing started, both individually and, more importantly, together. Not only has he helped me get these books published, but he helped me organized the chaos inside my head. His feedback and ideas morphed the story into what it is, and the series would not be the same if he hadn’t.

So, without further ado, meet my illustrator, Ammon Losee.

I know…he’s quite the catch, is he not? I’m not a big fan of catch and release, so I intend to keep him 🙂 This handsome guy is responsible for all of the cover art for my novels and he has also learned how to create the awesome digital character art on the Meet the Characters page. (Check it out if you haven’t already!)

I still love to tease him about all of this, however. When we first started this journey, I asked him if he was going to do the cover for my book. (Note: at that point, I was only planning to write ONE book….yeah, look where that went.) His answer was a solid…NO. It still makes me laugh. He’s become invested into this story almost as much as I have, and that has only made it one hundred times more fun. I keep him VERY busy as you can imagine. But I think he enjoys it (Right? Most of the time? I think?)

I say he does.

A Dish Network employee by day, a super artist by night…and on his days off. This winter has kept him busy with my projects. So far, he’s completed four front covers, eight back covers, and a handful of characters. It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come since late July 2020. There’s always lots to do, but he works hard to get it all done. As spring rolls around, both of us will (possibly?) slow down a bit. We both enjoy gardening, another time consuming endeavor and so, our focus will be diverted a little. Still work…just different work, I suppose.

I did try to get him to write a little blurb about himself…but he refuses. Apparently, I am the writer in this family and I have to do it. (Weird, right?) I guess that’s cool. I can say whatever a want and it’s his fault. I guess I’ll avoid too much embarrassment for fear of retribution. So, what can I tell you about him?

He’s an amazing man who loves his family with all his heart. He’s a hard worker and dedicated to doing any job/project well. He loves to be social (although, awkwardly social most of the time) and he is fantastic at working with customers for his job. I think people feel at ease around him because he is down to earth and never puts on a facade. Ammon is himself. He is honest (sometimes too blatantly) and always willing to help those in need. Of course, he is a man and does all of those manly things that drive wives crazy (like throwing laundry on the floor instead of in the hamper *insert eye roll) and he is a picky eater (who doesn’t like mint? or ranch dressing? pineapple? the list is long), but it’s easy to forget all that.

I write fantasy romance, and it is easy to write romance when I have experienced it. I’ve had twelve years with this wonderful man, and I love him more today than I did the day we were married. Such emotions make writing a love story easy. I suppose, in some ways, there is a reflection of my own life in my books.

Anaros and Zynnera share a connection that is different than what they have with anyone else. I can relate to that feeling, as can anyone who has ever truly been in love. It is those kinds of relationships that make our lives worth living, and I’m grateful I’ve found someone to share eternity with.