Progress report? Yup, here it comes. First of all the last month has been sooo crazy! I never knew launching a book would be so much work, but it’s been worth every second. Really though, I’m having fun with the whole thing. I wouldn’t say I’ve achieved “success” but I’m moving in the right direction. I still have so much to learn but it’s exciting and I’m looking forward to a day when I can gaze back to this moment and say: HAHA! She was a total mess! (An accurate description!)

So, what HAVE I been up to the last four weeks. Well, let’s start with the whole reason this page exists—writing. (BTW, you see that cool long line. Yeah, I just learned how to do that yesterday! Terrible, I know.) It’s hard for me to believe that in just four short weeks I’ve written an entire book. Yes, you read that correctly. I’ve spent January writing Book 3 of my series and finished the rough draft last Friday. I strung a whoppin’ 100k words together and made something cool (just sayin’, you’ll have to read it find out if it’s true). My goal this year is to finish the series (I’ll be posting more on that next week) and so far, I’m off to a great start. FOUR books to go!

Now, I’ve finished Book 3 so the last few days I’ve been in a bit of a limbo. Did I start Book 4? Yes. Yes, I did. HOWEVER, I’ve decided to work on something else and, for those who have actually read Book 1, I think you’ll be excited. Why? Because it will be FREE first of all and second…well, let’s just say it might fill in a specific time gap in Book 1. I’m writing a short Novella (Name TBA). I’m hoping it will be around 10k words but we’ll see where it goes. But, the important thing here is that it will be available for FREE. So be on the lookout 🙂

NOTE: If you want the free Novella, there is a small catch. I’ll be sending the link out VIA my newsletter, so you’ll need to be signed up for that. BUT don’t fret, it’s super easy! Just click on this link here and VIOLA! You’re good to go! SIGN UP

In addition to all the writing stuff, I’m still learning the ins and outs of advertising. Yeah, I’ll be learning that the rest of my life most likely but I’m starting at zilch so I have lots of room for improvement. I’ve been fortunate enough to join a group of authors on FB so we can learn together an, if nothing else, I can already feel the support and friendship.

Let us not forget with all the crazy shenanigans mentioned above that Book 2 has also been completed and is in editing! (WHOOP WHOOP!) It should be finished around mid March, so I’m hoping for a publication date of mid April. Another thing to stayed tune in for!

Hope this finds everyone happy and well! May 2021 be a great year (FINGERS TRIPLE THOUSAND CROSSED)!!