Monday is the BIG day! The Witch of Selvenor will be officially available on Monday, January 11th! I’m proud of how far I’ve come the past year, although the self doubt still lingers. Yesterday I had the privilege of delivering some hardback preorders and I was literally shaking as I handed them over to family and friends who have been so supportive. It still terrifies me, and honestly I think it always will. It’s like handing someone an open invitation into your brain (Scary!).

Publishing, however, does not mean my work is done. There is still so much to do that, at times, I do feel overwhelmed with it all. I will also be hosting a fun launch party Monday night ( so come check it out! There will be giveaways, excerpts, trivia- lots of fun stuff.

I’m also still writing, which takes a great deal of time, as you can imagine. Currently, I’m working on Book 3. It’s coming along fine, although I admit it has been harder than the first two. I’ve added some 3rd person POV chapters and, quite frankly, I am not as good at writing in 3rd person! Perhaps, it is just lack of experience. I did just write over 200k words in 1st person, so switching has been a challenge. But I’m learning, and I suppose that’s what really matters.

Book 2 is set to be edited beginning January 18th. I’m excited for it and hope to have it published this Spring. I feel like my writing skills have dramatically improved since The Witch of Selvenor, and I’m hopeful my supporters will see that as they read The Warlock of Dunivear.

There’s still much to do and learn. I may have published, but I must now learn the logistics of advertising and getting book reviews. I think this is just as (if not more!) scary than actually publishing. I have to remind myself to take a deep breath. It’s OK to not know everything, and learning from experience, while not easy, is worthwhile.

Wednesday I’ll be meeting with a few classes at Millard High School. I’ve been asked to share about my first book and my writing journey. I can’t tell you how much this terrifies me. I’m not much of a public speaker, and by that I mean I would rather give birth to another child than stand in front of a group of people. My little brother, who is a high school history teacher, got all the public speaking genes, and I just got nerves and nausea. I know it is a wonderful opportunity and I truly am looking (albeit, nervelessly) forward to it.

Until next time!

“Having fear doesn’t make us weak, however, facing it does make us strong.”

-Prince Anaros, The Warlock of Dunivear