This Thanksgiving, this year in general, has been different for all of us. In many ways 2020 has been rough, full of trials and misfortunes. But as I sat back and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon proceeding a delicious dinner I realized I have so much to be grateful for. Even in trying times, we are all blessed. In fact, I’d wager it is easier for us to see our blessings when we’ve been humbled by the storms of life.

I’ve been truly blessed this year. I don’t mean that in a, haha take that 2020 I’m still happy, sort of way. No, I really mean it. The mental stresses have been difficult but it was because of them I was led to start writing again. Writing was always something I enjoyed but rarely found the time (or, truthfully, the confidence) to do. I felt the inspiration to start again this summer and it has brought me more happiness than I ever thought writing could. The self doubt is still there, and probably always will be. But it has brought light into my life, and anything that brings light should be nurtured and utilized. So, today I am grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given to receive inspiration and start a new chapter in my life (literally and figuratively!). I’m grateful for the love and support of family and friends who have been there through this entire process. Thank you. All of you.

As I wait for the editing process to be completed I often find myself anxious. What better way to curb that anxiety than to keep writing!! Today I have completed 2/3 of Book 2 (I can’t believe it!) I never imagined I could write one book, let alone almost two, in a six month period. It is because of continual support that I have the drive to do so. Today I decided to share an excerpt from the chapter I completed for those who have continued to support me even when they have never read anything I’ve written! Just for fun! I hope you enjoy it 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Excerpt (Chapter 20: The Warlock of Dunivear)

Water rushed over the ledge and fell into the pool below. Sunlight had just begun to penetrate through the dark clouds as it met the brisk morning air. I found myself standing along the familiar banks of the river, searching frantically for the shape I knew would appear from the mist. I moved closer to the waterfall, pausing with each cautious step. The morning fog was so thick I could barely see two feet in front of me and my heart pounded with the anticipation of what might be lurking in the haze.

I continued forward until I could hear voices. The sound of a woman pleading for help filled my ears. Part of me wanted to stop, to refrain from going any closer. But I have to see. I have to know… I took a few more steps until two figures became visible through the fog. The man in the black cloak was hovering over a terrified woman.

“Please! Please don’t!” She begged as she attempted to drag her body away from him.

The man pulled the dagger from beneath his cloak, tilting the blue gem on its hilt towards the woman as he recited the incantation. Within moments a purple aura flowed from the body of the woman and the air was filled with her screams. Her magical energy drained into the gem and then the man proceeded to use the Morso. I knew the moment his spell ended that she was dead. Her body remained motionless on the ground as he returned the dagger beneath his cloak.

“No!” I shouted at him. “Why! Why are you doing this?”

He moved towards me, causing my body to shake with fear. “Join me, Zynnera. Help him return.”

“Who! Help who return?” I desperately wanted an answer. I needed understand how my nightmares were connected to the darkness I still sensed. For the first time, I felt the courage to face the man in the black cloak. I wasn’t afraid to ask questions. I wasn’t afraid to stand against him.

The man only smiled at me. There was no response to my question. Everything started to disappear into a black swirl. The man in the black cloak seemed to disintegrate, bringing my mind to face another man, the one with the red streaks in his hair. I felt all of the courage I had managed to accumulate leave my body. The darkness emanating from him was like nothing I’d ever experienced. He held out his hand towards me. Bring it to me, Zynnera. Bring me the Virgàm.