I received a wonderful update from my editor today. She is making great progress and has edited 1/3 of Book 1 so far. I’m really looking forward to seeing the final result. I often feel overwhelmed after reading through my own work. It is so easy for self doubt to haunt you. I think this is true for everyone, whether it’s writing, painting, singing–we are our own worst critics. But it is important to always move forward, to keep working towards our goals, because if we give up we will never know how far we could actually fly.

I am often reminded of those famous words–nothing in life worth doing is ever easy. This rings true on so many levels, whether it be our careers or raising a family, or even just learning a new skill that seems impossible to accomplish. Writing this book has certainly been far from easy and, at times, I wondered if my skill was up to par enough to warrant such time and effort.

But the answer lies not in whether I’m skilled enough, whether I phrase this right or describe that properly. The truth is I enjoy writing–it makes me happy–and that is really what matters. Perhaps not to the reader or my future audience, but to me it is the basis that pushes me forward.

I hope someday–and someday soon–my stories will bring a smile to someone’s face. Until then, I am happy they bring a smile to my own.