Brooke J Losee

Author of Clean Romance

The Warlock of Dunivear

A monster lurks in the shadows of Dunivear.

Stepping into his new role as king has Anaros on edge, and Zynnera’s nightmares are doing little to ease his concerns. While she struggles to find acceptance from her people, Zynnera must also battle the images of murder plaguing her mind—not to mention her growing affection for the new king.

In a last effort to combat her visions, Zynnera and Anaros travel to the kingdom of Dunivear. Deep in the forest of Arnfell exists an entire village of witches and warlocks who understand Zynnera’s powers. But whether the people there are friendly is another thing entirely.

Having found people like her, Zynnera must choose whether to return to her life in Selvenor or give up the man she loves. Will her choice give Anaros the opportunity to propose, or will Zynnera find herself in the clutches of a murderer?

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  • Paperback: 978-1-954136-03-8
  • Hardback: 978-1-954136-10-6
  • Special Hardback: 978-1-954136-02-1

Special Edition Cover:

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