Origins of Virgàm

When past and present collide, truth becomes unveiled.

Meeting with other diplomats is part of Anaros’s duties. Being betrothed to a witch complicates the task. A new alliance agreement threatens to mark Selvenor as the enemy, but Anaros refuses to back down.

Zynnera’s mind fills with images of the past, giving her insight into the origins of magic. When they begin to take a physical toll on her, Anaros becomes determined to stop them—even if it means angering the woman he loves. Through visions, Zynnera learns the identity of the Great Sorcerer and about the events that lead to his dark plans.

As Anaros faces the threat of neighboring kingdoms, Zynnera battles his frustrating attempts to keep her safe. The past may be the key to understanding the present, but will Zynnera’s discoveries be enough to save the future?

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  • Special Hardback: 978-1-954136-04-5


I swallowed hard. “And her visions? Will they stop if she goes there? If she gets the answers she needs?”

The old woman sighed, her eyes apologetic and soft. “I know how worried you are. How concerned you are for her well being. But her visions are a part of who she is, Anaros. They are a part of her destiny. A necessary part. You need to accept that. I appreciate your desire to protect her…more than you know, but this is something she must do. She must understand the past in order to save the future.”

“How do I let it go?” My voice was shaky. I understood what the woman was trying to say, and part of me knew I had to let Zynnera follow her path, but it scared me. It was my fear that pushed me to stand between her and the visions that wreaked havoc on her mind and body.

She placed her hand on my shoulder. “Not without great difficultly for yourself. I know how much you care about her. I can feel it, even now in your frustration with her. Do not forget, Zynnera is meant to do this. And you’re meant to be at her side.” She whacked my shoulder with her hand. “Not some obnoxious boulder on her path, so get your act together. She needs your help and support.”

My face crumpled in my guilt. “What if she won’t forgive me?”

The woman practically snorted. “Oh, please.” She stepped away from me and started walking towards the edge of the cliff. “Does the moon ever not forgive the sun for taking its place in the sky each morning?”

“The moon doesn’t have feelings!” I followed her, frantic that she would disappear before I was ready. “Wait! I still have questions!”

She paused, looking out over the edge at the crashing waves below. “Don’t you always?”

I ignored her sneer. “Can Zynnera learn to control them? Her visions? If she could control them, maybe they wouldn’t have such a negative effect on her?” I was desperate for the answer. If it was possible for Zynnera to achieve some control, perhaps I could relax. Perhaps I wouldn’t feel compelled to worry over her so much.

She considered my words for a few moments. “I don’t know.” Not the answer I was hoping for. “Zynnera and her powers are very different from the rest of us. I can’t say. Normally, no, a Seer is unable to control their visions, but Zynnera isn’t exactly normal.” She was still looking out over the stormy sea in front of us. “If it is possible, Zynnera will have to figure out how to do it on her own.”


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