Brooke J Losee

Author of Clean Fantasy and Historical Romance

Love & Magic

Hiring an assassin comes with a great deal of problems.

Strauth despises magic and all those who wield it. When his brother devises a plan to eradicate those responsible for their father’s death, Strauth is eager to join the cause. Then he receives his new assignment—guarding a witch while her family is on an errand for the king.

Nothing terrifies Feya more than using her powers, and now she’s been left behind while her family searches for a dark sorcerer. To make matters worse, the lieutenant assigned as her guard clearly despises her.

When an assassin attempts to kill Feya, Strauth protects her, nearly losing his own life in the process. Escaping death changes hatred into something new, but the discovery of his brother’s hand in the scheme makes following his heart complicated. Can Strauth keep Feya from those who want her dead or will they both fall victim to the mysterious assailant?

Title: Love & Magic

Series Title: Children of Magic: Book 2

Paperback ISBN: 978-1954136151

Hardback ISBN: 978-1954136168

Content/Warnings: Romance-Sweet/Clean Violence: Mild

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