Blood & Magic

Magic comes with a heavy price—being marked a traitor.

Eramus has kept his power a secret for over a decade, but that changes when Evree’s life is in danger. Now everyone knows about his gift, and his fellow villagers aren’t the only ones watching him.

As Eramus unravels the mysteries of his past, he discovers his connection to a dark sorcerer. A mysterious stranger offers to train him, but trusting the man may be a mistake. Soon, Evree and the entire village are threatened by those with powerful abilities and by a king bent on revenge.

Can Eramus save himself and the people he loves in a battle of blood and magic, or will their lives be the ultimate price?

Title: Blood & Magic

Series Title: Children of Magic: Book 1

ISBN: 978-1-954136-06-9

Content/Warnings: Sweet & Clean Fantasy Romance. Death and Murder (not gory)

Blood & Magic is also available on Kindle Vella!

Eramus had kept his power hidden for over a decade, but his efforts crumbled the moment his fellow villagers were in danger. With his secret exposed, Eramus faces the judgement of his people. The appearance of a cloaked stranger only makes matters worse, as does the forgotten memories that plague his dreams. Embracing magic will lead him to his past, but the truth of his lineage may be more than he bargained for when an army and a dark sorcerer seek to destroy everything he cares about.

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Episode Guide

Episode 1: Secrets Revealed

Episode 2: Distrust and Misgivings

Episode 3: Recanting the Past

Episode 4: Motley Opinions

Episode 5: Dinner Impressions

Episode 6: The Stranger in the Black Cloak

Episode 7: Hidden Gems

Episode 8: Meeting of Magic

Episode 9: Reclaimed Memories

Episode 10: Estranged Family

Episode 11: Sparring with Magic

Episode 12: Kissing, Seen

Episode 13: Family Affairs

Episode 14: Foreign Threats

Episode 15: Taken

Episode 16: Rescue Mission

Episode 17: Hired for Vengeance

Episode 18: The Escape

Episode 19: Truth Be Told

Episode 20: Facing the Lies

Episode 21: The Confrontation

Episode 22: The Fight Begins

Episode 23: Traitors and Tyrants

Episode 24: Well-Needed Rest

Episode 25: A Father’s Blessing

Episode 26: New Beginnings


Once all the men had their food, Evree stepped closer to the small cottage, her eyebrow raised and her arms folded. “Papa! Come down and take a break! You’ve been up there since sunrise. You need to eat something!”

Eramus smiled. Evree’s voice was beautiful, even when she chided. How did she manage that?

Her father, Kieran, lifted his head, a drop of sweat rolling from his forehead. “All right, sweetheart. I’ll be down in just a moment.” Evree’s grin of triumph made him chuckle.

Her father moved to the edge of the roof and started down the ladder. Evree was standing right below, waiting for him. As soon as his foot met the third step, a loud crack echoed through the air. Her father yelped in surprise and his arms jerked forward to grip the edge of the roof just as the ladder fell sideways. Eramus shot towards them faster than his mind could register what his body was doing. The man attempted to reposition his hands, and in doing so pulled a loose board to the edge, sending it fumbling towards the ground…and Evree.

Eramus moved his hands through the air until a bright blue light surrounded them. An enormous dome appeared over his head just as he reached Evree’s side. The wooden board crashed down on top of it, and the plank snapped in two before falling to the ground.

Evree had ducked into the crevice of his shoulder, but the clonk of the wood smacking the ground lifted her gaze. Her eyes settled briefly on him, then grew wide as they moved over his shoulder. “Papa!”

Eramus followed her gaze. Her father had lost his grip on the roof and was dangling with just one hand to hold him. Eramus dissipated his shield. His hands moved sharply through the air. A beam of energy flowed from his palms towards Evree’s father and surrounded his entire body.

“Kieren! You can let go!” Eramus tried to keep his tone even, but his heart was racing too madly. “I’ve got you. Please, trust me!”

Kieren looked over his shoulder, his eyes reflecting his uncertainty. They locked on Eramus, and he gave him one strong nod of encouragement. Kieren released his hold on the roof. The blue aura that surrounded him held him in the air, suspended by what one could only call magic. Eramus willed him to the ground with the smooth motions of his hands. Once Kieren’s feet found the dirt, the blue energy dissipated. Evree released a puff of air, then ran to her father and wrapped her arms around his neck.

He held her in a tight embrace, muttering into her ear. “I’m all right, sweetheart. I’m all right.”

She sobbed. Eramus watched them for several long moments before the whispers caught his ears. His eyes darted to the horrified expressions watching him. What had he done? He’d spent his entire life hiding his secret. He’d told no one in the village about his powers. How could he? They would have questions he wouldn’t be able to answer. He knew too little about himself to provide the information they would demand.

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