The Prisoner of Magic

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“To many, the idea of immortality was a great gift. Those who yearned for power often craved the possibility of an eternal life, where they could celebrate their victories and rule without end. But I wasn’t one of those people. My immortality was a curse, one given to me by an evil witch who’d taken away everything I ever cared about. There seemed no hope she could be defeated and I feared my people would suffer endlessly under her rule.”

These marble walls aren’t what make me a prisoner. I am a prisoner of magic.

The Prisoner of Magic is a novella that takes place in the twenty year time gap of The Witch of Selvenor (Book 1: The Chronicles of Virgàm). After an evil witch takes over his kingdom, Prince Anaros is cursed with immortality and thrown into the dungeon where he is forced to watch his people suffer endlessly under her rule. For most, being thrown into the dungeon marks the end of their lives, but not everyone the former prince comes to know will meet their demise, as fate often has a twisted sense of humor.

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