Chronicles of Virgám Series

Witches and warlocks have lived along side humans for ages and their interactions have not always been friendly. Darkness seeks to overturn light in a world where strength is not just a matter of magical ability but the perseverance to defend the weak and conquer evil. Fate has brought Zynnera and Anaros together to fight this darkness as they work to uncover the mysteries of the past and fight to save the future of their people.

The Prisoner of Magic: Novella

The Prisoner of Magic is a novella that takes place in the twenty year time gap of The Witch of Selvenor (Book 1: The Chronicles of Virgàm).

After an evil witch takes over his kingdom, Prince Anaros is cursed with immortality and thrown into the dungeon where he is forced to watch his people suffer endlessly under her rule. For most, being thrown into the dungeon marks the end of their lives, but not everyone the former prince comes to know will meet their demise, as fate often has a twisted sense of humor.

The Witch of Selvenor: Book 1

Darkness consumes Selvenor under the rule of dark magic.

When his kingdom is seized by an evil witch, Prince Anaros is cast into the dungeon. Twenty years of imprisonment leaves him hopeless of ever being free—both of his stone confines and of his curse. But all that changes when he meets his new cellmate.

Zynnera, a thief caught stealing food, is determined to help her people. After escaping from the palace dungeon with the former prince, she sets out to find the rebel camp…assuming it still exists. Together they forge a plan to defeat the wicked queen, but the longer Zynnera is away from home, the harder it is to hide her secret.

Will revealing the truth cost Zynnera everything she’s come to love, or will her secret be the key to saving Anaros from his curse and their people from the witch’s wrath?

The Warlock of Dunivear: Book 2

Origins of Virgám: Book 3

The Seer of Verascene: Book 4

Shadows of Aknar: Book 5

Path to Irrilám: Book 6

The Sorcerer of Kantinar: Book 7

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