Chronicles of Virgàm

Witches and warlocks have lived along side humans for ages and their interactions have not always been friendly. Darkness seeks to overturn light in a world where strength is not just a matter of magical ability but the perseverance to defend the weak and conquer evil. Fate has brought Zynnera and Anaros together to fight this darkness as they work to uncover the mysteries of the past and fight to save the future of their people.

Works in Progress:

Origins of Virgàm (Book 3)

Rough Draft Complete

Editing Begins March 29th

Power: the thirst to be the strongest piece in play. The sorcerer desires it more than anything and knows Zynnera is crucial in his plan to obtain it, haunting her mind with nightly visits from which she cannot escape. Visions may hold the key to understanding the origin of magic, but will they be enough to defeat the darkness? As Zynnera’s glimpses into the past begin to take an obvious toll, Anaros becomes determined to keep her mind safe, even if it means damaging their relationship. Through visions the past and present collide, but will the details be enough to save the future?

The Seer of Verascene (Book 4)

Rough Draft Complete

Shadows of Aknar (Book 5)

Rough Draft 50%

Untitled Trilogy (Book 1)

Rough Draft 5%

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